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MAJIC® (Multi-Architecture JTAG Interface Controllers) JTAG Probes are small, stand-alone, processor-based systems that provide an intelligent connection between host-based development tools (the debugger) and an embedded processor via its standardized JTAG debug logic IP macrocell.

Built for Target Debugging

The EDGE MAJIC JTAG Interface Controller provides a robust target connection, supports multi-core debug and ships out-of-the-box supporting all processors, debugger APIs and partner reference designs (see Supported Processor list), including pre-configured flash utilities, target initialization files and MAJIC Startup files.

The EDGE MAJIC architecture is designed to simplify target board bring-up and support by independent layering of debugger software interface APIs, internal firmware tailored to individual cores, and pre-configured target support files for each reference design, independent from the tool choices higher up the chain. Several standard JTAG cables complete the target connection, so one probe can easily support multiple processors, architectures and software environments.


Key Features

  ·  Hardware breakpoint support

  ·  Unlimited software breakpoints

  ·  Programmable JTAG clock

  ·  Download speeds to >400KB/s

  ·  Supports RT Adaptive clock mode for ARM

  ·  Comprehensive memory test support

  ·  NOR Flash programming utilities

  ·  Standard JTAG cables


Comprehensive Cache and MMU Support

Cache and MMU support is configurable for each core type, including all write-through and/or write-back cache mode options, memory management or protection modes, and DMA, where available.


Multiple Price Point Bundles

MAJIC products are available in a number of configurations to accommodate different technical requirements and budgets:

MAJIC-LT – Support for EDGE Debugger, EDB and GDB, 10 MHz JTAG clock and 3.3V targets.

MAJIC-LX – All MAJIC-LT features, plus 1 to 40 MHz JTAG clock, Auto-Power-Sense 1.2V to 3.3V, and includes all OpenDebug API support.

MAJIC-MT All MAJIC-LX features, plus multi-core debug sessions and Intel/Marvell XScale trace upload.


Easy Setup

MAJIC probes are supplied with a setup wizard and numerous templates and partner platform initialization files. This means you get instant, out-of-the-box support for a wide range of reference boards, and enables you to transition easily to custom board designs.


Pre-Configured Target and Sample Files

Builds early confidence in processor, memory system and target controls, and provide templates for transition to OEM targets.


Multiple Debugger API Support

MAJIC probes are provided with multiple shared libraries and executables and support industry standard debugger APIs, enabling one JTAG Probe to support multiple software environments. This is an important factor when you wish to enjoy the benefits of new tools like the EDGE Developer Suite but still have to support legacy systems.


Broad Processor Support

Numerous ARM and MIPS standard cores are supported, plus architectural licensee cores, along with the processor partners’ reference boards, with straightforward adaptation to new SoC designs based on those cores.


- MicroVision 开发板
- Green Hills
- InterNiche
- Express Logic
- Mentor Graphics
- TeamF1

1.Pentium 133或以上 2.Windows 98或以上, Windows NT 4.0或以上 3.32M以上内存要求


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