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Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench



Features & Highlights:

Sourcery CodeBench is a complete software development environment based on the GNU toolchain including:

• Enhanced Eclipse-based integrated development environment

• Integration w/Mentor Embedded Sourcery™ Probes and probes from other leading vendors

• Optimizing ISO C/C++ compilers

• Flexible macro-assembler

• Powerful linker with complete control of section placement

• C/C++ runtime libraries for GNU/Linux and embedded systems

• CS3: A uniform and cross-platform board initialization and interrupt handling framework for bare-metal development

• Source- and assembly-level debugger

• Instruction set simulator for selected platforms

• Easy-to-use graphical IDE

• Comprehensive documentation in HTML and PDF

• Built and supported by industry experts

True open source based development

Mentor® Embedded Sourcery CodeBench, a complete software develop-ment environment based on the trusted and industry proven GNU toolchain, is the ideal choice for software engineers, operating system vendors, semiconductor companies, and device manufacturers. With Sourcery CodeBench users get the benefits of an open source solution with the quality and convenience that only Mentor Embedded “Sourcerers” can provide.

A complete offering

Sourcery CodeBench is a unified Eclipse-based integrated design environ­ment consisting of all the flows required to build an embedded application. Sourcery Codebench offers the entire GNU toolchain: optimizing ISO C/C++ compilers, a flexible assembler, a powerful linker, runtime libraries, instruction set simulator, and a source- and assembly-level debugger. Sourcery CodeBench supports most CPUs and operating systems.

Increased productivity and reliability

Sourcery CodeBench enhances productivity by including the latest updates to the GNU toolchain. Quality assurance automation validates Sourcery CodeBench by running hundreds of thousands of tests in an extensive hard­ware testing environment. By leveraging CodeSourcery’s leadership position in the open source community, Sourcery CodeBench also delivers enhance­ments and bug fixes in advance of their availability from community repositories.

World-class services and support from industry recognized experts

Sourcery CodeBench is built and supported by open source community experts. This collective expertise translates into timely and quality supportfor Sourcery CodeBench embedded developers. Peer-to-peer interaction is also available via the optional online forum.

Three versions of Sourcery CodeBench available:

  • Sourcery™ CodeBench Professional Edition

Includes unlimited support directly from the engineers who have contributed thousands of enhancements to the GNU toolchain for the past 15 years. Users will also get quick responses to development questions through a convenient online issue tracker.

  • Sourcery™ CodeBench Standard Edition

Contains the same comprehensive suite of tools as the Professional Edition. Users receive unlimited technical support and access to update releases during subscrip­tion term.

  • Sourcery™ CodeBench Personal Edition

An affordable solution for the individual developer or small enterprise. Users receive the quality and conve­nience of Sourcery CodeBench and free updates for one full year.

Supported configurations:

Sourcery CodeBench supports an impressive range of processors used in many of today’s most popular applications.

Supported Host Systems:

GNU/Linux®                             Sun Solaris®

Microsoft Windows®

Supported Target Systems:

ARM®, XScale®                      Power Architecture

ColdFire®                                   IA32, AMD64®, EM64T®

IA32, AMD64®, EM64T®      MIPS®

SPARC®                                    Kinetis ARM® Cortex-M4

Stellaris® ARM® Cortex-M3

Additional services

Mentor Sourcerers can optimize Sourcery CodeBench for your processor, automate the customer experience, inte­grate your specific demo software, or take advantage of your hardware debugging facilities. Both you and your customers can benefit from Mentor’s comprehensive support and the expertise.  Contact Mentor Embedded Professional Services for more information.

The CodeSourcery story

CodeSourcery was founded in 1997 to focus on innova­tion and advancement of open source toolchains. In the 13 years leading up to the acquisition of CodeSourcery by Mentor Graphics, the “Sourcerers” established a world-class engineering organization which has lead major advancements in the GNU gcc, glibc, and gdb projects.

The Sourcerers have also served as key partners to numerous semiconductor vendors introducing GNU toolchains to new semiconductor architectures and implementing performance optimizations. As part of Mentor, the Sourcerers now build a wider array of soft­ware tools that enable Mentor customers to get the most out of their hardware platforms ranging from embedded devices to supercomputers. The mission remains the same: to create products and services that deliver on the promise of open source software and open standards.

More about Mentor Embedded

The Mentor Graphics Embedded Software Division (ESD) comprises the Mentor Embedded family of prod­ucts and services, including embedded software IP, tools, and professional consultant services to assist developers and silicon partners optimize their prod­ucts for design and cost efficiency.  Mentor Embedded continues to lead the industry with involvement in the open source community (Linux, Android, and MeeGo) and in innovations such as Android beyond mobile handsets, advanced 2D and 3D UI development, open source tools, and multi-OS on multicore architectures.


- Sourcery Probe
- Sourcery CodeBench

Sourcery CodeBench

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